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Charlie Farrell,

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Hosted by Loveladies Property Owners Association, June 30, 2013, LBIF
LPOA President Charlie Farrell welcomed everyone to our annual Meet the Mayor forum, and then introduced Mayor Joseph Mancini of Long Beach Township.
Mayor Mancini opened his remarks with a review of the early days after Sandy. Island towns immediately began a cleanup, and began to bulldoze sand back onto our beaches. The Mayor feels the present condition of LBI is good considering the impact the storm had on our infrastructure. He urged residents to be persistent and to continue to push claims with FEMA and flood insurance companies. His dealings with FEMA have been frustrating since monies promised have not been delivered.
The Mayor stated his position on ‘eminent domain’: specifically, that LBT would not employ such a ruling against its residents.
In response to a question concerning ‘easements’, (as used in the new Easement Agreement), the Mayor stated that the new language was to replenish sand. He mentioned that the term of the easement is 40 years, that is, that for a period of 40 years the State and/or the Army Corp will maintain the engineered dunes.
Sam Gordon, a local architect, thanked the Mayor for his prompt actions after Sandy, and explained how the Township has been very responsive to the many residents seeking permits for reconstruction. The Mayor commended the people working in those Township Departments. Several more attendees thanked the Mayor for his diligence in restoring the Island. The mood was very pro replenishment.
Mayor Mancini went on to say that the NE Storm of ’63 was a ‘blessing’ in disguise. The construction and building codes were changed and new elevation requirements were established. This helped many residents to better withstand Sandy’s wrath. Also, areas where engineered dunes had been constructed, people and buildings fared better, proving that this is the best course of action.
The Mayor reiterated his frustration with FEMA. The Governor’s office has ignored his calls. LBT is waiting for funding to free up for grant programs and projects. When a question concerning the new FEMA maps and elevations was raised, the Mayor replied that the newest maps would be upheld and is the new standard. People will be allowed to appeal elevation requirements.
The Mayor closed his comments with the advice that residents continue to ‘bug’ FEMA with their claims- to not let up!
LPOA treasurer Barbara Nemroff presented the Mayor with a $500. Donation for the LBT Sandy relief fund. Mayor Mancini was most thankful.
Charlie thanked the Mayor for his time and sharing his expertise. He then invited the attendees to brunch.