The President's Desk

Welcome to the Loveladies Property Owners Association (LPOA) website. The 2017 Summer season will soon be upon us and we all look forward to relaxing in the enjoyable breezes of Long Beach Island. Last summer Loveladies experienced a major beach sand replenishment construction project. Fortunately, the new fortified dune and extended beach were in place prior to the strong nor’easter that hit the island over the winter.

Nature took a toll on the beach during that storm but reports of damage to property in Loveladies were at a minimal level. The Long Beach Township government is currently using local resources to reinforce dune areas where the damage occurred. Also as part of the federal replenishment contract, dune grass was recently planted throughout the project area. With a little luck, the Loveladies dunes and beach will be in good shape for the 2017 season. Experience shows that there may be new sandbars where they did not exist previously. Also, a sand construction project of this magnitude needs time to stabilize and take on its own equalizing points. Expect some shoreline differences from prior years.

A note to oceanfront property owners, please take advantage of the resources of the Long Beach Township website and Construction & Zoning Office prior to planning and building new dune walkovers. The construction office (609) 361-6674 has approved free walkover plans that comply with environmental regulations.

A note to property owners along Long Beach Boulevard and other public roadways, please be aware of landscaping that infringes upon the public right-of-way. Every inch that enables pedestrians and bikers to stay within the “shoulder” is appreciated. Overhanging limbs, misplaced rocks etc. can force unwanted accidents.

A note to all property owners …… do you have a “house number”? A visible house number permits emergency first responders to find your location in the shortest possible time.

The LPOA 2017 membership application is available on this site. For your convenience, the application may be: 1. Completed and returned with check by mail, or 2. Paid through Pay Pal or with a Credit Card. Kindly encourage your neighbors to join LPOA.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees…..we look forward to seeing you soon.


Lew Nagy, President

Loveladies Property Owners Association